Brian Rongqing Han

Assistant Professor in Business Administration [CV]

Gies College of Business 

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Email: brianhan [at] illinois [dot] edu                                  

 Tel: +1 818 216 4580, +86 136 1173 2256 

About Me 

Welcome!  I am an Assistant Professor in Business Administration at UIUC Gies College of Business. My research seeks to understand the economic impact of technological and operational innovation, particularly focusing on retail innovation (online-offline integration) and human-AI/Algorithm interaction. Collaborating closely with industry partners, I design field experiments or use observational data to understand new technology and business practices and develop data-driven frameworks to facilitate better decision-making. I received my Ph.D. in Data Sciences and Operations from USC Marshall School of Business in 2020.


1. Increasing Overriding Cost Improves Human-Algorithm Collaboration: Evidence in Inventory Replenishment

 Zhao, Mingda, Han, B. R., Chen, Xin, and Zhu, Tao.


2. Value of Autonomous Last-mile Delivery: Evidence from Alibaba

Han, B. R., Li, M., Zhang, Y., and Li, P.

Under Review 


3.  Commercializing the Package Flow: Cross-sampling Physical Products Through E-commerce Warehouses

Forthcoming, Management Science 

Han, B. R., Chu, L. Y., Sun, T., & Wu, L.


4. Connecting Customers and Merchants Offline: Experimental Evidence from the Commercialization of Last-Mile Stations at Alibaba

Forthcoming, MIS Quarterly

 Han, B. R., Sun, T., Chu, L. Y., & Wu, L.

5.  COVID-19 and E-commerce Operations: Evidence from Alibaba

Manufacturing & Service Operations Management (2022)

Han, B. R., Sun, T., Chu, L. Y., & Wu, L.


6. Maximizing Intervention Effectiveness

Gupta, V., Han, B. R., Kim, S. H., & Paek, H.

Management Science  (2020)



Gies College of Business, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL

Ranked as Excellent 2021, 2022, 2023

Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California, CA

First Place, Marshall Ph.D. Teaching Award 

Data Application Lab, CA 

Awards and Honors 

Second Place, CSAMSE Practice Award, 2022

Third Place, CSAMSE Best Paper Award, 2022

UIUC Teachers Ranked as Excellent by Their Students, Fall & Spring 2021

Second Place, INFORMS TIMES Best Dissertation Award, 2021

Second Place, ICIS Kauffman Best Paper Award, 2020

Winner, WISE Best Student Paper Award, 2019

Finalist, INFORMS Pierskalla Award, 2018

First Place, USC Marshall Ph.D. Teaching Award, 2018

Finalist, POMS CHOM Best Paper Competition, 2018